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Oct 31, 2022

A timesheet is precisely what it sounds like—a sheet detailing time. For staffing firms, timesheets may record the hours a staff is in or worked on a particular project. Whatever way it records time, the staffing industry agrees timesheets are important.

But why? For today’s episode, Wilson and Samantha discuss why completing these timesheets is essential for your business.

Adams, Evens & Ross, which only collects debts for the hiring and recruitment sector, has grown to be the world's largest credit and collection company during the past 30 years. Adams, Evens, & Ross is the unchallenged leader in credit and collection for the staffing and recruiting sector, with offices in the US, Canada, the UK, and Asia serving more than 3500 staffing and recruiting organizations. All we do is collect past-due debts for hiring and recruiting.

Dealing with Adams, Evens & Ross has several advantages, one of which is that we do not have to learn how to recover your past-due staffing and recruitment debt. Our secret is our people. We are one of the few collection agencies with a staff of in-house attorneys in addition to seasoned collectors, asset sleuths, and top-notch support employees. There is no question as to why Adams, Evens & Ross is the only collecting company in the world to have the support of 10 recruiting and staffing trade publications, 14 associations, and 5 financing corporations.

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