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Wilson Cole's Podcast From The Road

Aug 14, 2019

SEO has become one of our hot topics lately because it is so important to the success of your company. We have previously discussed the “why”, but today we want to share the “how”. Our auto SEO optimizer is one of our best tools for improving our internet presence and now we want to share it with you!

Usually, we manually evaluate our websites for improvement through our marketing team, but we also use a software that does the same appraisal on a more simplistic level. Since we feel it is our duty to make sure the industry is protected and thriving, we have made that software available to anyone who wants to use it. The program goes through a website, analyzes it, gives an overview, and shows what the website looks like when accessed on a desktop and on a mobile device; all of this information is free to use in order to improve your company’s website.

We wanted to test our program and provide you a sample of how it works, so we found a random website and ran it through the software. The report came back with a grade of E+ based on a A+ through F system. The overall grade is broken down into three sections: SEO, social, and security. We have found that these are the most important factors when determining a website’s usefulness.

Another important piece of information that is determined through our SEO auto optimizer is how a website translates or is designed for phone usage. Generally speaking, over 50% of profit comes from customers using a mobile devise. Which leads to the all-important question: how are people perceiving you? There are multiple levels of SEO and mobile accessibility should be the first one established because the one thing you do not want to do is frustrate a customer because of mobile inability. When designing a website, you need to make sure that there is an interface compatible with a desktop and a mobile device. The overall goal is comfort and ease for the user. This requires finding a balance between features and content; you want enough content to boost your SEO but not so much that it slows down loading a page.

Are you interested? Go to and click on free SEO audit. In about 60 seconds, the program will run and generate a report that will be emailed to you. For those of you who want additional help, reach out to Ally Cole at Her team can look at your report and implement a plan to improve your website.

Quote 1: Our auto SEO optimizer is one of our best tools for improving our internet presence and now we want to share it with you!

Quote 2: Is your website useful and relevant to the users?