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Wilson Cole's Podcast From The Road

Aug 20, 2019

We are fortunate in this day and age to have so many ways to connect with each other through social media, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Each website has a different audience, shares a different message, and reaches people in different ways. There are countless arguments about which one is better; should you use Facebook or YouTube? Or Linked In? Or Twitter? If you ask us, we say all of the above.

We believe in a wide range approach to marketing on social media. Our clients often come to us and ask, “What should I start doing tomorrow to help my SEO?” Our answer: publish content on every platform because they all appeal to different audiences.

Videos are a great way to share content because they have a high rate for conversion and are a great way to engage a wide audience. We create videos to discuss popular problems and ideas in the industry and explain them in further detail. The best part? Once we have generated a video, we can convert it into more pieces of content. We take our videos and create links to our website, transcribe into articles, and pull quotes to be published as memes.

Transcribed articles are some of our best tools because they are already keyword heavy and we cover topics that people are already asking about; please note, when people come to you with a problem, we can guarantee they have already asked Google. By placing an article on your website, you are able to improve your SEO and move up in the search engine results.

Once we have transcribed the video and created an article, we pull quotes for aesthetically pleasing snippets of information that we share on the different social media platforms. These small pieces are helpful tools because they catch the viewer’s eye and lead them to more information on our website.

When we tell our clients that they should be posting content on every social media platform, people start to panic. There is no way one person can generate all of that content! We recognize that, so we take 20 minutes a week to produce our content. The first piece is the video which we quickly film and post on YouTube. Our writers will then use it as research to transcribe and transform into articles, memes, and quotes. In case you are not counting, that is four full pieces of content that comes from one video. This means we are able to post material once a day Monday through Friday. The fifth piece on Friday is generally a description of different services or promotions that we are offering.

It is very common for companies to post commercials on LinkedIn that essentially say the same thing, “this is what WE are going to do for you.” Our message is, “YOUR life will be easier because we can offer ____ to you.” We are dedicated to offering content of value to anyone in the industry. Our companies have been revolutionized by this content strategy into a media firm that pumps out free content while also offering other services. Even with the flow of free materials, we have seen significant growth in our sales and our website traffic has tripled in the last 12 months. Is that not every company’s dream?

The one piece of information we want you to takeaway is: do not be afraid to use your content in different ways. One idea can become a video, an article, a meme, and so much more. Each piece will reach different people in different ways. This means more people will hear and learn from you because you took the time to share the information in different ways. Work smarter not harder.

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Quote 1: Publish content on every platform because they all appeal to different audiences.

Quote 2: One idea can become a video, an article, a meme, and so much more.