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Wilson Cole's Podcast From The Road

Jun 19, 2019

One of the most prevalent debates in the business world is whether companies should continue with old practices or implement new ones. This is especially important in marketing divisions and the techniques they need to use to appeal to the modern customer. We are here to tell you that you do not and should not pick one side over the other. There is room in your marketing campaign for old school marketing techniques, like print and trade shows, along with new school techniques, like Facebook and Linked In.

People tend to be one-dimensional with their marketing techniques, but we have found that both schools can be used to enhance each other. Trade shows are one of the oldest methods of marketing our company to potential clients and some people have begun to question their usefulness. Digital cannot replace the value of building relationships and seeing people face to face at these shows, but it can be used to make your presence more effective. We recently went to a trade show and tested our layered marketing technique, more about that later. In the days leading up to the show, we had our telemarketers call clients in the area to let them know about our company. The day of the show we had one of the best responses we have ever seen! People were walking into a room of 10 to 15 strange companies, but they knew our name and that gave them a sense of familiarity. A bit of a brag: we actually heard clients come up to us and say they were excited to turn over their accounts to us!

When it comes to creating marketing campaigns, we approach it with a layering effect that involves all employees who are working toward one focal point. What is the point of creating a brand if you are not coordinating it with your salespeople? How will your message get out? Here is an outline of our latest campaign and please use this as inspiration and direction for creating your own marketing campaign. A little while ago, we came up with this idea of the seven deadly sins that staffing companies make. We used this idea and created webinars, articles, and telemarketing scripts to match our campaign. Once we set up our basic idea, we began implementing our campaign using old and new school techniques. Our digital team created targeted campaigns for the different states or for different websites that people find us through. Then, once we have reached our clients using digital techniques, we have our salespeople follow up and personally speak to them. Another way to combine old school and new school techniques is by using our digital team to reach potential clients over the internet and send them emails about our webinars. We then have a telemarketer follow up in the next few days to ask if they received our invitation or if they have any questions. A piece of advice: have fun with your campaign, but make sure to have a direction and a goal.

These techniques are important when trying to impress people and draw them into our company, but for those who already have an issue and seek out information from us, we use digital techniques to help them. Our company, and by extension our website, is designed to teach clients how to handle problems on their own. We would not be able to share our knowledge without the help of digital, but we use the old school technique of personal relationships with our clients to give them the most help possible.

If there is one take away from this article: avoid going to one marketing extreme or the other. Your company’s message will remain the same, but you can use different channels to spread it. The combined marketing strategy amplifies the overall output which is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

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