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Wilson Cole's Podcast From The Road

Jan 13, 2020

With the end of the year here, creating a checklist or house cleaning is normal. This also applies to the staffing and recruiting industry because of how much money you’ll be able to save if you follow these five things that all staffing and recruiting firms need to do to start the year off strong.

The Five Steps to A Strong Start To A New Year

Not everything is going to be easy and starting off the new year in the staffing and recruiting industry is one of them. Wilson and Samantha Cole’s podcast details the best ways someone in the industry can push forward and succeed in the new year.

Recheck Your Credit

Rechecking someone’s credit is essential to early success. You may have checked one person’s credit several months ago, but you’re assured that there are possibly many more than that over the last ten years you’ve been in business. Make sure that they’re still in good credit standing and are still a viable entity before doing business with them.

Confirm You Have the Paperwork

Needless to say that having the paperwork is important regardless of what you’re after. Make sure that you have the signed agreements if you are the one doing the staffing. This lets you catch problems before they even rear their ugly heads.

Sequential Follow Ups or Emails For Your AR

These sequential follow ups or emails are great for a number of reasons. The first is that it reminds your clients that they still owe you, or they still need to do something for you. The second is that it reminds them that they can’t put it off or they can risk getting sued. Make one for fourteen days behind, twenty five days behind and finally one at thirty five days behind to remind people that they’re behind schedule.

Make Sure that People That Signed Your Contracts are Still Working There

This might sound strange, as contracts are still valid even if the person you dealt with is no longer working at the company you dealt with. Despite this, having a point of contact in the company you’re interested in is a vital asset that you can use. This is because if that person is no longer working there, the company can make excuses that they haven’t dealt with you before.

Get Updated Contracts

Checking and updating contracts is a great way to start the year off strong. Do some spring cleaning and add in or take out things from your contract. If the person you’ve been dealing with at a company decides to part ways with them, then try to get a new updated contract.This is especially true if it was a personal guarantee from a CFO who has parted ways with the company. Cleaning up your contracts is an excellent way to life easier for you in the long run.


- Having a point of contact in the company you’re interested in is a vital asset that you can use

- Do some spring cleaning and add in or take out things from your contract