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Mar 27, 2020

In today’s Greatest of All Time Interview Series, Wilson Cole, president of Adams, Evens, and Ross interviews Gordon Bizar regarding the pandemic and the inevitable slow down of the economy. Wilson has worked with Gordon for many years and he is considered Wilson’s mentor for 20 years. He has insight into many different industries, and a wealth of experience from the many different cycles over the years.

Gordon Bizar, Wilson’s Mentor for 20 Years

How Does Gordon See This Playing Out?

Gordon mentioned that nobody knows what’s happening at the moment regarding the economy. Many people have lost nearly a third of their wealth within a week, with a number of others conserving cash as much as possible. This is common according to Gordon, but it’s far more accentuated.

He also mentioned that the government has to do a delicate balancing act between human welfare and keeping the economy from crashing. They both have different demands. Human welfare demands that the curve has to be extended, the economy on the other hand wants everyone to get it over with quickly. The reason why the economy needs this quickly taken care of is because there is a breaking point before businesses will start failing.

Most businesses will be able to survive a few weeks. However, once it reaches into the territory of three to six months, then you’re going to start seeing a number of businesses failing. Many of these are small businesses which employ 70-80% of the United State’s workforce. If a recovery were to happen earlier then the recovery will be a V-shape. Any later, and it will become a U-shape where recovery will take far longer.

How Do The Industries and Business Owners When To Hold on and When To Gas and Break

Gordon said that there is no magic answer to that and the best thing you can do is monitor the situation. Gordon also says that it is pointless to be selfish in this situation. If you don’t work together, then no one can win. He has opened up programs that are normally just for paying members to the public to help everyone.

One other thing to take note of is that many baby boomer business owners are considering selling off their companies. They face two options: either restructure their companies or they’re going to let it go.

What Kind of Ending Advice Can You Give, and How Can You Get the Right Information While Turning the Noise Off?

According to Gordon, businesses need an “agnostic” approach to get their information. Using standard media for information is not the best way because of how their agenda is centered

around getting an audience instead of providing accurate information. Instead you have to deal directly with people in the businesses. This lets you see the real picture and see it accurately.

Do for yourself what the government can’t do for us and what we can’t get the media to do for us. If you’re a small business then you’re on your own, so you have to work together with everyone else to create a meaningful strategy with the information everyone has.

Gordon’s advice for this situation is to keep an eye on the two factors that were previously mentioned. The first is “how do you protect people’s health in life?” and second is “how do you shorten the destructive period of the economy?.

How Do You Contact Gordon Bizar and Join His Webinars?

You can contact Gordon Bizar by joining his free webinars. Do this by clicking on the following link that will redirect you to his site: