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Wilson Cole's Podcast From The Road

Jul 10, 2019

We have spoken in the past about the value of SEO, search engine optimization, and how to promote your website to the top of Google searches. Another great way to increase your website traffic is through backlinks; this essentially means that you have a link on someone else’s website that goes back to yours. This can be a great way to not only promote your Google presence but also to connect with other people in your industry and draw on their audience.

One of the best ways to set up backlinks is to place articles and similar things on other websites. This directly tells Google that you are credible, and that they think you are credible too! As much as you want to create backlinks, do not fall into the trap of letting your articles be posted for the sake of it. Just as your audience can tell if you insert keywords in an article to improve your SEO, the same can be said for creating backlinks. Not only are you sacrificing the user experience by blatantly placing keywords or backlinks to promote your website, but the Google algorithms will pick up on this and penalize your webpage in the search results.

The best way to create backlinks is to target quality websites that you want to be on instead of just tracking down the easiest ones. It can be a bit awkward or even inappropriate to contact website owners and ask them to link your articles, so we have a few tricks to starting that conversation! Once you have chosen a few websites that you know you want to connect with, we suggest choosing 10 to start with, comb through their pages and search for errors or broken links. Then, contact the website owner and kindly tell them that you noticed a broken link and offer that you also have a valuable article for their site. This is the definition of a win-win situation. Another way you can word this is by finding a conversation on a website and send the owner an email about “such and such data” and that you have valuable input to add. If you really want to impress people, find broken links and save the URL code. Then send an email saying, “We found a broken link that we wanted to let you know about insert URL code. Also, we noticed that you have a similar audience and we have a valuable article that you should look at.” The most important thing is to not ask people to promote you for free but show them that you have something beneficial to share with their readers.

Find associations that bring value to your industry and make connections with them to help promote your SEO. In the long run, you want to create backlinks on websites that are more credible than

Google’s top priority is the user experience. This is why you have to make it your top priority when trying to promote your SEO and not try to take shortcuts. Remember, you may work hard, but Google works harder!

Hopefully, you can take this advice to improve your SEO and make some important connections in your industry. If you need any help with your backlinks, contact Ally and her team at