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Apr 8, 2020

In today’s business climate, the coronavirus has had a profound effect on company staffing. Recently there have been mass layoffs of employees from various companies and the staffing and recruiting industry is feeling the effects. Mass refund requests being one of those effects.

What Options Do You Have To Not Pay The Full Refund Amount?

It can be difficult to figure out options that you have when you have clients that want a refund. Since you and your client most likely have a legally binding contract, you are legally bound to pay that refund unless you consider some of the options that Wilson and Samantha discussed.

Try To Get Rid of Your Money Back Guarantee

In today’s business climate, you have to make sure that you try to get rid of your money back guarantee. A large number of your clients will want to try and save or recover as much money as they can. Even more so if they have to conduct mass layoffs. Your business will be put at risk if your money back guarantee permits your clients to simply get their money back if they lay off a candidate. If you do intend to provide refunds, make sure that it isn’t prorated.

Create a Resolution Between You and Your Client

If you are obligated to conduct a refund on a previous client, then it is best if you don’t ignore it. This is because of how they can sue you for ignoring your pre-existing contract. A great alternative to providing them a refund is to work things out with them and try to come up with a different solution. An example would be offering them credit on a future search once they’re hiring again.

If It’s a Client You Don’t Want to Salvage...

If it’s a client that you don’t want to salvage or cannot afford to salvage, then try to minimize your debt. Try to find loopholes that you can use to turn the argument around. An example that Samantha gave during the interview was that the client had to give them the opportunity to replace the laid off individual before a refund would be possible.

Contact Wilson Cole

Another option that you have is to call Wilson to help you get your debt lowered or even entirely avoided. You can contact him at 800-452-5287 extension 6578 or you can also send him an email at Over the next few weeks AER Collections will also have a number of programs to help you out during these times of crisis so stay tuned for those.


- The ones that just make me kind of chills go down my spine or the ones “no questions asked”. If they don't work out: refund. You're basically turning into some sort of weird payday loan

- I've never seen a business climate like what we got in and that is people are going back trying to almost do a pseudo bankruptcy clawback period where they can go back

- Let this be a warning sign. Use risk reversal. I understand risk reversal but money-back guarantee is not risk reversal that's that's just not good business in my opinion