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Dec 17, 2019

It’s shocking to know that many staffing and recruiting companies simply give up when it comes to trying to collect the debts of certain clients. These clients throw out a number of excuses that make the company doubt that they can get money off of the transaction. But there are a number of solutions that you can do to avoid these kinds of situations.

What You Can Do About It

There are many cases where staffing and recruiting companies think that their client doesn’t owe them a dime. Usually this is the case when the client says that there is another staffing and recruiting company that is involved. Don’t take this at face value and follow these steps that Wilson and Samantha Cole have shared on their last Monday Morning Memo.

Know That There is Always a Solution

You need to dig a little below the surface before throwing in the towel when it comes to collecting these debts. The usual excuse being that there was another recruiter involved. But is there really another recruiter? This is just one of the things that you can use to collect the debt that you’re owed.

Have a Possessory Period

The possessory period lets you take advantage of your contract when it comes to collecting from the client.

Have a Contract Signed, Just One if Possible

Having a contract signed is one of the key components of being able to defend yourself legally if anything goes wrong. But having more than one can be quite the cluster as you won’t know which one will apply in your specific situation.

A single contract is much easier to manage when compared to something like a dueling contract

where both parties will have a contract each. Dueling contracts can be very confusing as you might think that a candidate is covered in your terms but in reality its covered by their terms and vice versa.

Name Clearing or Clearance

Let the candidate notify you whether he or she has been in active discussion within 24 to 72 hours. Make sure that you are notified within the last 60 days of when he was last been in active discussion to have an edge when it comes to collecting.

Final Thoughts

If somebody hires your candidate and they tell you “gee we got their name we knew about them you know we're not going to pay you” don't take that at face value. Their excuses can be easily

dismissed if you take a good look. Don’t just sit there and let tens of thousands of dollars slip through the cracks. Contact Wilson Cole at 8452 5287 extension 6578 or you can also shoot him an email at


- Dig just a little below the surface.

- They got the candidate from somebody else but there was nobody else.